PRESS RELEASE – October 2010.

A cut above the rest for the discerning man:

New barber shop in Hammersmith is offering first-class service at low prices

Being a man’s man in today’s world is increasingly difficult, but the opening of Alexander’s – The Barbers Club in Hammersmith on 7 October 2010 will offer male customers great haircuts and one of the few unique environments where it is ‘cool’ to be a man.

Alexander’s Barbers at 3 Beadon Road in Hammersmith is owned by well-known Hammersmith local Nicos Pavlou whose family have run the shop for 40 years. In 2011 Alexander’s Barbers will mark its centenary.

Pavlou says: “We aim to bring the 40 years of experience at Alexander’s Barbers to our new branch.”

Barber Stavros Christodoulakis – who works at Alexander’s Barbers at Beadon Road in Hammersmith – says the new branch Alexander’s – The Barbers Club,  located on the first floor of the Hammersmith Broadway shopping centre at the bus station, will build on the current branch’s reputation for offering a premier service in a traditional environment with a modern twist.

Stavros says: “At Alexander’s – The Barbers Club, we offer a very high quality haircut and service, but at cheap prices. The majority of men still get their hair cut a barbers and it is a cool place for a man. It is a man’s environment and that is why we have called it a club because it is a place where men can relax, be themselves and talk about things like football and music.”

Hammersmith-born Stavros clearly loves his job and finds it very relaxing: “I enjoy giving customers quality haircuts. Most people have a haircut before a job interview or a first date, so there is a feel-good factor with my job.”

Stavros adds that today’s generation of men are also increasingly conscious of their appearance and want a quality haircut.

Stavros’ colleague Barry Byrne offers a fascinating insight into why a barber’s shop is so attractive to men. “Where else can you have a good conversation and feel like you are talking to a friend. We and our customers love the banter. The objective is to offer all our customers the best haircut at a good price.”

Prices at Alexander’s – The Barbers Club are very reasonable. A dry cut will cost £7 and a wash and cut will cost £9. Senior citizens will be charged £4.50 for haircuts, while children’s haircuts will cost £5.50.

Alexander’s – The Barbers Club is open from 7.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, it opens from 8.30am to 5.30pm. On Sundays, customers can get a great haircut between 9.30am and 2.30pm.

For more information, please contact Stavros Christodoulakis.

020 8741 6251